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Welcome to SITAC PARC Berlin!


prime location

SITAC PARC Berlin – exceptional quality in location

75,500 sqm
property owned by the developer
Approved Planning Consent (development plan) - including retail area
Up to 121,000 sqm gross floor area to be developed
Direct Connection to the new motorway: ideal accessibility to the City Center and to the Airport Berlin Brandenburg BER
20 minutes to City Berlin / 5 minutes to the Airport BER/ Catchment of 2.1 m people within 20 minutes
High Visibility: 140,000 cars passing by daily guarantee good attention
Best Location - part of Berlin Adlershof, City of Science, Technology and Media
Long-term Sustainable Growth Rate due to close proximity to the Airport BER, with an estimated rate of 25 m passengers at its opening


Stretching more than 1.1 km along the motorway connecting Berlin City Center and Airport BER, an exciting ensemble of new-build structures being developed at SITAC PARC Berlin is set to become highly recognisable, sophisticated in design, each building as individual and discerning as their tenants.

SITAC PARC Berlin will become the benchmark destination for a new lifestyle and leisure shopping, for sport, relaxation and business.

Total gross floor area of up to 121,000 sqm; will include 25,000 sqm; reserved for retail as well as further areas for sports and leisure related areas.

SITAC PARC Berlin aims to cater for the mobile shopper, and will provide an abundance of parking will be provided.

Start of the development was made on 27th August 2015 with the ground-breaking ceremony for Europe's most modern Porsche centre. Until 2017 the new Porsche centre Berlin Adlershof will be realised on an area of 9.150 square meters in the east of SITAC PARC. Highlight is a 25 meter high solar pylon which will provide to the public the generated solar power at a charging station free of costs as of spring 2016.


catchment area & driving times

It can’t get better than this: the new motorway not only guarantees high visibility, it also allows optimal accessibility to SITAC PARC Berlin.
Located between two motorway exits, the site is within reach from visitors from Berlin City Center within 20 minutes and from the airport Berlin Brandenburg "Willy Brandt" - next exit south on the motorway - in only 5 minutes.

Leading advisors GfK Prisma prepared a “drive-time analysis“ for SITAC PARC Berlin:
53,000 people within 5 minutes from the site (in addition more than 22,000 science students and high-tech employees are on the site every day)

1.18 million people within 15 minutes

2.1 million people within 20 minutes

3.6 million people within 30 minutes

These are optimal conditions for your clients, customers, visitors and employees to reach your location at SITAC PARC Berlin.

Ideal Visibility

SITAC PARC Berlin provides some 1.1 km of visibility along the motorway connecting to the City Center of Berlin and to the new Airport Berlin Brandenburg "Willy Brandt" (transformation of current Berlin Schönefeld airport). These are ideal conditions for tenants to gain visibility with an international audience.

Approximately 140,000 cars are estimated to pass by SITAC PARC Berlin every single day! High attention is guaranteed.

SITAC PARC Berlin will be an eye-catcher: it will constitute the first buildings that travellers see when entering Berlin and the last ones in the city en route to the airport or when connecting to the capital’s motorway ring network. Exceptional architecture producing landmarks in the area!



Image and Exceptional Location – Berlin Adlershof

Berlin is part of Berlin Adlershof – City of Science, Technology and Media.

Berlin Adlershof is Europe´s most modern science and high technology park with spectacular architecture. Numerous high-tech companies, technology centres, international film and media producers, as well as twelve national scientific institutes have settled here.

Humboldt University’s natural sciences campus was relocated to Adlershof in 2003. The department comprises the institutes for Chemistry, Geography, Computer science, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology. A total of some 8,400 students, 130 professors and 720 employees learn, teach and work here.

More than 1.000 companies with some 15.931 employees were drawn to Berlin Adlershof or started their existence here due to its unique surroundings and to synergies for growth that will continue to increase.

Tenants and visitors to SITAC PARC take advantage of this image and international reputation, where the surroundings offer the best quality location and the best names in the high-tech industries.

Adlershof is a city within a city: it already has hotels, restaurants, shopping opportunities, medical practices, kindergartens, tennis courts, cafés and bars, copy and computer services and residential areas. In a few words: everything needed to live, work and play.

Over 20,000 media workers, scientists, professors and students are not only the basis for a wide range of synergies, but also a resource of highly qualified potential new employees and a pool of potential customers.

An estimated 50,000 new jobs will be created in the coming years within five minutes driving time of Berlin Adlershof and in the surroundings of the Airport BER.


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