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Location & Catchment
Berlin Adlershof
Airport Region

Location & Catchment

SITAC PARC Berlin – Excellent location qualities

It can’t get better than this: the motorway 113 not only guarantees high visibility, it also allows optimal accessibility to SITAC PARC Berlin.

Located between two motorway exits, the site is within reach from visitors from Berlin City Centre within 20 minutes and from the airport Berlin Brandenburg "Willy Brandt" - next exit south on the motorway - in only 5 minutes.

Direct Connection to the motorway 113: ideal accessibility to the City Centre and to the Airport Berlin Brandenburg BER

- 20 minutes to City Berlin
- 5 minutes to the Airport BER
- Catchment of 2.1 m people within 20 minutes

High Visibility :
140,000 cars passing by daily guarantee good attention

Best Location -
Part of Berlin Adlershof, City of Science, Technology and Media

Long-term Sustainable Growth Rate due to close proximity to the Airport BER, with an estimated rate of 25 m passengers at its opening

Excellent infrastructure for companies in the direct vicinity

High Potential through big catchment area

Leading advisors GfKPrisma prepared a “drive-time analysis“ for SITAC PARC Berlin:
53,000 people within 5 minutes from the site (in addition more than 25,000 science students and high-tech employees are on the site every day)

1.18 million people within 15 minutes

2.1 million people within 20 minutes

3.6 million people within 30 minutes

These are optimal conditions for your clients, customers, visitors and employees to reach your location at SITAC PARC Berlin.


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