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Berlin Adlershof
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Berlin Adlershof

Image and Exceptional Location – Berlin Adlershof

SITAC PARC Berlin is part of Berlin Adlershof – City of Science, Technology and Media.

Berlin Adlershof is Europe´s most modern science and high technology park with spectacular architecture. Numerous high-tech companies, technology centres, international film and media producers, as well as twelve national scientific institutes have settled here.

Humboldt University’s natural sciences campus was relocated to Adlershof in 2003. The department comprises the institutes for Chemistry, Geography, Computer science, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology. A total of some 7,560 students, professors and employees learn, teach and work here.

More than 1.000 companies with some 16.000 employees were drawn to Berlin Adlershof or started their existence here due to its unique surroundings and to synergies for growth that will continue to increase.

Tenants and visitors to SITAC PARC take advantage of this image and international reputation, where the surroundings offer the best quality location and the best names in the high-tech industries.

Adlershof is a city within a city: it already has hotels, restaurants, shopping opportunities, medical practices, kindergartens, tennis courts, cafés and bars, copy and computer services and residential areas. In a few words: everything needed to live, work and play.

Over 24,000 media workers, scientists, professors and students are not only the basis for a wide range of synergies, but also a resource of highly qualified potential new employees and a pool of potential customers.

An estimated 50,000 new jobs and an abundance of new housing will be created in the coming years within five minutes driving time – in Berlin Adlershofand in the surroundings of the Airport BER.

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