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Location & Catchment
Berlin Adlershof
Airport Region

Airport Region

Only 5 minutes and one highway exit from SITAC PARC Berlin, the new international airport BER - Airport Berlin Brandenburg "Willy Brandt" will take up operation bundle the activities of the three former Berlin airports Tegel, Tempelhof and Schönefeld.

The new international airport will start with 25 million passengers per year - 40 million are to be reached in the last stage of construction.

About 40,000 employees at the airport itself will generate tens of thousands of additional jobs in the airport environment

The SITAC PARC Berlin is particularly benefiting from the growth engine BER:

The SITAC PARC will be the "landmark" of the Berlin image of all travelers traveling on the motorway from the airport to the inner city and back - an excellent opportunity for companies and trade institutions to present themselves to an international audience.

The large number of travelers and employees generates additional frequency for the SITAC PARC Berlin.

Thanks to its excellent connection to BER, the SITAC PARC Berlin offers all the advantages of an "airport location" without the often associated impairments (such as aircraft noise) and at the same time high address quality.

The BER will generate long-term growth impulses, creating sound basis for sustainable location decisions.


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